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 (This is a website that was originally created in about 1995 by Audrey Naylor, who was then 77 years old.  She maintained it until weeks before her death at age 88. 

February 23, 1918-January 4, 2006 August 1,1918-December 10, 2006

Click here for information about how Howard Naylor helped develop skiing in Garrett County, Maryland back in the 1940s and 50s.

Lon has been maintaining genealogy.


Regarding genealogy his is what Audrey did in 2005 and before:
Naylor Genealogy beginning with Jacob Nailer in 1775.
Click here for the Republican newspaper obituary of Beulah Ruth Michael Naylor, who died August 21, 1981.  She was Howard's mother and now has a great-great granddaughter with the "Ruth" part of her name.

Holden Genealogy beginning with Randall Holden in 1612.

Family Photos and Other Media

Family Memories.

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